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Alba di Canazei - Ciampac – Fedaia ski area

The beautiful Ciampac basin is easily reached from Alba di Canazei. From here, almost 15 km of piste branch off and there is also access to the skitour panorama which leads to the Buffaure ski area. There is a children’s babypark and a cross-country ski trail at 2000 m.

  • Pista del bosco (difficult): station uphill from the Ciampac cable car near the refuge of the same name, the piste splits at one point and one side is more complicated to the other but they re-join and both lead to Alba di Canazei.
  • Delle baite (easy): very easy piste also used as a nursery slope, equipped with a ski lift.
  • Sella Brunech (medium): this piste leads to the Ciampac basin, the final part intersects with the ski lift on the Delle baite piste (connection to the Buffaure – Aloch ski area).
  • Sasso di Rocca (easy): very easy beginner piste used as a nursery slope, can be reached from the first part of Sella Brunech.
  • Roseal (medium): piste equipped with a 2-man chair lift, the first part is connected to Sella Brunech. 



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