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The Ladin revival

With the development of the middle classes and the economic boom,tourism in the Dolomites became a mass phenomenon. The same period also saw the rebirth of the Ladin political and cultural movement.

On 14th July, the Ladin people celebrate their ‘national holiday’, established in 1996 on the 50th anniversary of the great assembly at the Sella Pass. In 1946, three thousand Ladins from all the valleys gathered at the Sella Pass to reclaim their rights as an ethno-linguistic group.

Despite the persistence of the Tripartite pact in various regions and provinces, the General Union of the Ladin People in the Dolomites revived the spirit of 1946 and the ‘Zent Ladina Dolomites’ political movement.

The colours of the Ladin flag live on in the heart of the Ladin people.



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