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Culture, art and legend

Culture, art and legend

Ladin Institutions

‘Union generela di ladins dles Dolomites’

The Union generela di ladins dles Dolomites is the main Ladin association; established in 1946, it brings together the historic Ladin associations of the Dolomites, uniting under its aegis all the Ladin valleys in the Dolomites, divided into the three administrative provinces of Belluno, Bolzano and Trento. It played a fundamental role in the promotion of Ladin culture and is still today economically supported by the province of Bolzano and voluntary contributions alone.

It currently continues its work through mass media and especially its press organ, the ‘Usc di Ladins’.

‘Majon di Fascen’ Ladin Cultural Institute

The Ladin Institute of Val di Fassa is an association that was established in 1975 thanks to a law by the Autonomous Province of Trento, based in Vigo di Fassa. The Cultural Institute works to support the Ladin community and has the task of collecting, cataloguing and studying material on Ladin history, culture and language.

It is based in the ancient Tobià de la Pieif in Vigo di Fassa, a historic building adjacent to the rectory of Pieve di Fassa. It also edits numerous publications on various topics, as well as the annual Mondo Ladino magazine since 1977. Moreover, it collaborates with the Comun General and the Fassa Ladin School to organise Ladin language courses and prepare teaching material. Ethnographic research is displayed in the headquarters of the Ladin museum and its other branches.

Mondo ladino

Magazine founded in 1977 by Luigi Heilmann to provide information on the work of the Ladin Institute, it also contains contributions from scholars and specialists. It mostly includes study and research into the various aspects of Alpine and Ladin culture, in particular: history, linguistics, folklore, art, the environment and social dynamics. The Ousc ladine da anché e da zacansection presents modern and ancient Ladin texts and the parallel ‘Mondo ladino quaderni’ series handles themes connected to education.

Usc di ladins

A weekly Saturday magazine released both in print and online. Edited by the Union generela di ladins dles Dolomites since 1949, initially with the title Nos Ladins, it is one of the principal means of information among the Ladin population in the Dolomites.

It is the only printed production that exceeds provincial and regional borders and involves all the Ladin people. It has its own body of journalists, as well as three departments that make weekly contributions to the magazine, consisting of approximately 42 pages. It is partly self-financed through advertising and subscription fees and partly supported by public contributions.



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