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Environment and nature

Environment and nature

Flora and fauna

The beautiful Val di Fassa landscape is characterised by thriving vegetation and vast forest cover that, especially during autumn, is a veritable spectacle of colours. The forest of red fir, spruce, ash, alder and other broad-leaved trees starts at the valley floor and rises up to 1800 metres. At the higher altitudes it mixes with larch and Swiss pine.

As the land and sun exposure varies, the undergrowth changes and is rich in plants and bushes such as heather, juniper, black raspberries and cranberries, musk fern and lichen, and, at higher altitudes the forests make space for wide stretches of mountain pine.

Moreover, the local flora includes a wide variety of mountain and medicinal plants, fungi and extraordinarily beautiful flowers, the majority of which are protected under Provincial Law no. 17 of 1973 for the protection of Trentino Alpine flora.

The fauna is also important and characteristic, its distribution over the alpine land depends largely on altitude and vegetation.



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