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Sport and adventure


During summer there are numerous paths through the forests, meadows and pastures of Val di Fassa. The two most important trekking routes are La Via Alpina and Trekking delle Leggende but there are many more.

In fact, using the skilifts, visitors can easily reach the majestic peaks of the Dolomites and set out on unforgettable excursions that can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

The ‘trekking delle leggende’ route

This is a cross-country route of approximately 200 km (60 hour journey) established in 2004 and divided into 20 stretches that cross Val di Fassa, Fiemme, San Martino di Castrozza and Primiero.

There are 6 stretches in Val di Fassa:

  • Departure Rifugio Fuciade and arrival at Rifugio Contrin
  • Rifugio Contrin to Rifugio Marmolada E. Castiglioni
  • From Rifugio Marmolada to Rifugio Des Alpes, Salei, Carlo Valentini
  • Col Rodella to Rifugio Friedrich August, Sasso Piatto
  • Rifugio Antemonia to Rifugio Gardeccia, Stella Alpina
  • From Rifugio Gardeccia to Passo Costa Lunga.

Trekking to the Pertini, Sasso Piatto and Micheluzzi refuges 

Departure from Campitello, using the Col Rodella ski lifts, leads to this medium difficulty trekking route that unwinds at the feet of the Sassolungo and Sasso Piatto along Friedrich August Weg.

The Via Alpina

The Via Alpina is an international project aimed at creating a series of itineraries across the entire Alps: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The project was conceived by the French association Grande Traversèe des Alpes and in 1991 the Alps Convention was signed, under which the European Union and the eight countries had officialised the intention to guarantee sustainable environmental development in the Alpine area, as well as transnational tourism.

The stretch of this route that crosses Trentino, and Val di Fassa to be specific, consists of four stretches:

  • Passo Pordoi – Rifugio Contrin
  • Rifugio Contrin – Fontanazzo
  • Fontanazzo – Rifugio Antermonia
  • Rifugio Antermonia – Rifugio Bolzano. 



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