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Off-piste – ski mountaineering

Sella - Pordoi channels

  • Canale Holzer: at the peak of Sass Pordoi follow the crest that leads to Forcella Pordoi with the cable car and from here enter the gorge to the west of Rifugio Maria (2950 m). Perhaps the most famous route in the Dolomites, popular among freeriders, it is a difficult ski-mountaineering/cross-country skiing route. .
  • Canale Joel: at the peak of del Sass Pordoi descend into the gorge until the Austrian monument to the fallen.
  • Val delle Fontane: a large channel that leads from Piz Boè (3152 m) down to the meadows surrounding the Pordoi Pass.

Salei off-piste

Arriving via gondola at Pian dei Frataces, take the piste to the Cinque dita chair lift. From here, keep lift to reach the Sella Pass lift. At the peak of a small crest, the route begins and consists of a descent from Val Salei to Pian dei Frataces.

Pordoi crossing

Route from Sass Pordoi (2950 m), from Rifugio Maria Sass Pordoi to be precise, to the pass of the same name (2239 m) and the Pordoi Crossing.
The route is not very difficult.


  • Punta Penia: from Ciampac and path 602, take path 610 until Val Rosalia, along the western crest of the Marmolada until the Marmolada Crossing. The path continues until the Penia peak. Descend on the ‘Schena de mul’ to the north of the mountain until the glacier where the Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi is located. A chairlift will then lead to Fedaia Lake.        
  • Lydia: the eastern part of the Marmolada glacier, depart from Punta Rocca (3200 m) and descend until the Fedaia lake dam.
  • Vecchia bellunese: the route to the extreme west of the Marmolada glacier from which the Fedaia Pass can be reached.
  • Punta Rocca: arrive at the Fedaia Pass with the ski lift, ascend the Pian dei Fiacconi piste to the summit of Punta Rocca, the Marmolada’s second peak.



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